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Goooooool!! / L-i-v-i-n

Integrity, Baybay

This week, I’m starting a six-week seminar series titled: Creating You. For each week we’ll meet for an hour and a half to discuss whatever breakthroughs and challenges the attendees are facing in everyday life,  then form meaningful actions to take in order to create for ourselves the life we desire. Each week will be given an … Continue reading

Tuneage, plz.

Listen to This…Now: Radical Face

Check out this homeboy Ben Cooper, AKA: Radical Face. (warning: his website is fairly hard to navigate) Cooper also plays in the equally-weirdly-named musical acts of Electric President, Iron Orchestra and Mother’s Basement. Right now I’m loving the whistful and creative folky sounds of Radical face though, particularly the use of light whistling in “Glory” (whaaaat?), … Continue reading