What Is This?


That’s what this “blog” (I never could get myself to like the word blog… It sounds like some kind of open wound or something) is about. Life.

And I know I’m probably the first early-twenty-something in the history of the internet to write a blog about life after college, right? (Humor me here, people).

But let’s not worry about that technicality… Instead let’s talk about the fun stuff and the reason that I started this… writing project (that’s what we’ll call it). And that fun stuff is life!

Life is amazing. It’s full of countless possibilities and sunsets and sunrises and good wine and good food and killer yoga classes and awesome tunes and great friends and loving family and hot relationships.

But having now entered the “real world” (because the other world was imaginary apparently?) I am also experiencing some harder to deal with stuff as well… like money, LA traffic, and not having about a dozen friends within walking distance from me anymore (who knew that’s what happened when you graduate?). But I’m making it work, just like the other hundreds of thousands of recent college grads out there, and building a life that I love!

So, this is about LIFE. And how to have fun before, during and after the hours you spend at your job. That includes how to set goals for yourself to have a job and life that you LOVE, as well as tips for healthy living, living with balance, enjoying tasty treats, and other juicy goodness (you’ll have to check in to see about that!)

So join me, peeps. Because you know what they say…



For any inquiries, e-mail McKoon10@yahoo.com.


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