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Well, How Did I Get Here?

How did you get here and where are you going next?
Have you ever stopped to think about where you are right now? Yes I mean physically, like where you have chosen to make your life, sure. But by this I also mean how you got to be the YOU that YOU ARE.
Your job, your hobbies, the music you listen to, the way you dress, how you respond to things, the list goes on for what makes up the identity that you have chosen for yourself. But HOW did you get to this place, wherever it may be?
Often times we get so caught in the daily grind that we end up at a destination without even noticing the journey was happening (and didn’t even stop to take a few Instagram pics! #fail)
Think of it like this: Have you ever needed to get somewhere so you got in your car and the next thing you knew you were there and couldn’t even remember the whole driving part. Another phrase we like to use for this is auto-pilot.
So that’s not a huge deal when your driving (and let’s face it, we’ve all experienced it), causing you to think “well that was strange” and move on (I mean, don’t get me wrong, it is concerning. And hopefully you weren’t texting while this was happening). However when you wake up one morning and you realize that you’re experiencing that (auto-pilot, duh) with your LIFE, I’d suggest taking more than just a second to think about it.Today I’m just asking you open ended questions to get your brain unrustified (i.e. to remove the rust and start thinking… It’s a word *I swear*), I will suggest practicing mindfulness, whether it be through yoga, meditation, whatever, we can stay present in our every day life so that we can enter a life full of possibility, and really experience the game of life.

So take a few minutes just to think about those questions today:

How did I get here?

And then:

Where am I going next?

Just taking the time to give your life a thought on a regular basis can keep you checked in to who you are, how you really feel and what you really want.
As Socrates said, “an unexamined life is not worth living.”
This is the man himself: Socrates. I'm thinking his homie used either Rise of Walden, then added the "circle edge blur" feature when he took it on his iPhone 5. But hey, I'm no expert.

This is the man himself: Socrates. I’m thinking he used Rise or Walden, then added the “circle edge blur” feature when he took it.                 But hey, I’m no expert.

*Side note: I realize that the Talking Heads are total freaks in their music video. Do I care? No. Is it awesome? Yes.


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