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Carpe Diem That S***

woah. This girl is serious about seizing the day. At least it's not a neck tat?

woah. This chick is not kidding around when it comes to seizing the day.

Wow — It’s almost JUNE, which coincidentally (or perhaps not coincidentally) is halway through 2013! 

As we get older, I think we can all agree that time starts to pass a little bit quicker. Ok — a lot quicker. Last time I checked I was trying to plan my Thanksgiving plans (*newsflash*: that was six months ago). 

So what can you do to make the most of your time today?

How can you carpe diem that s*** and make your future self proud?

Today, I’m recommending a quality over quantity approach:                                                                                             what are couple things (or hey — maybe even one) that you can action today that will make the biggest impact in your life? 

Now here’s the caveat: You’ve got to go do it!

Don’t ever save anything for a special occasion. 
Being alive is the special occasion.

This guy also seems pretty serious about carpe diem.  Maybe these weren't the best photos to use, but take it as you will.

This guy also seems pretty serious about Carpe Diem (which as this photo just reminded me– is similar to “yolo-ing”).                                  Maybe these weren’t the best photos to use… My apologies.                  Take it as you will. 


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