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None But Ourselves


The other night I got this in a text message from Mamabear. It expressed something that so many of us encounter in our lives, and was so well said that I thought it was worth sharing here… Hopefully someone else can benefit from her words, as I have been so luck to for so long!

“Perhaps we as people have relied on relationships (with friends, guys, maybe even teachers and bosses) all our lives for support and a sense of identity. But if that’s the case, that we’re not trusting ourselves for validation, we are constantly at the mercy of others approval.

Having a strong sense of self, of who you are and what you believe and want in life, and what your values and morals are (which nothing nor nobody can sway you from) without anyone elses approval, puts you in a position of strength and inner peace that only you can provide for yourself.”

Something to think about going in to a new year (since apparently the apocalypse ended up being a bust).

(And yes… my Mom does write me paragraph long text messages on the regular. Thanks Mom!)


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