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With all of the tragically fatal shootings that have happened lately, I almost feel guilty reflecting on my own life while so many families are being forced to reflect on how their young children, friends and relatives will never have the opportunity to reflect on theirs, as they have been so unjustly cut short. Having said that, I wish to acknowledge those that have lost their lives in these recent incidences in taking a proverbial moment of silence in respect for them.


While I’m sure that for the families involved, the next steps on gun control in our country are not their top priority (at least not yet), but for the rest of us wanting to know what we can do to stop something like the massacre at Sandyhook Elementary, or at the Clackamas Shopping Mall, or San Antonio movie theatre from happening this regularly, what we can do is urge further and more widely encompassing regulations on firearms with regards to U.S. citizens.

That being said, I would like to share this Adam Cohen article from Time with you. It reflects a realist’s approach to how the recent events and the popular opinions (that I share) cannot be the sole impacts on gun control. Having Cohen’s article in mind, I still encourage you to educate yourself on why we as Americans are allowed to own firearms to begin with, and decide for yourself whether or not you feel it is still relevant.


I for one feel confident in saying that the scope to which we are legally allowed to obtain firearms is not only outdated, but unnecessary. For further proof, I suggest taking a look at other established democracies that have stricter regulations concerning gun control, and the difference in levels of violence incidences involving guns.

Here’s the article:

Gun Control After Newtown: Compromise is Necessary 









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