Goal Setting 101 (with a little bit of TLC)

Hello there, and welcome to Goal Setting 1-0-1! Did you bring your pencil and notebook? (college-ruled only, but of course)

OK, OK, so goal setting isn’t actually something that requires a traditional class, you caught me.

But think about it, how many times in your life have you sat down and really expressed what you wanted to get out of… yourself?

For many of us it takes help from others, encouraging us to do so.

So here I am…just a girl… standing in front of a boy…

(Wait a minute, are we not segueing into a Notting Hill montage?)

Alright fine, no romantic comedies for now… That is, other than YOUR LIFE of course! And what better way to go through life, than to treat it like a romantic comedy (emphasis on the comedy) starring you and… (the real a-list star…)


One way to give yourself and your life the T-L-C (that’s tender loving care, not T-Boz, Chili and Left-Eye) it deserves?

By setting yourself up for a life full of possibilities!

So here’s your homework lovebirds: Sit down and write out what you want out of yourself in the next year. Then write out what you want to give yourself (it can be in your job, your health, your love life, with your friends, etc.) in the next 5 years. Then 10. Then heck, why not, 15 years, just to get the point across.

I’m sure TLC DID have goals though!

By writing out what you want out of life, it not only tells yourself what your true values are, but also brings these fun little gems into your conciousness. And for things to be manifested in your life, where can they start? Oh yes, you guessed it, your consiousness!

Need a hand on how to format your goals? Click right here for a vision and goals worksheet from lululemon athletica (#joblove)

a littly tiny picture of a vision & goals worksheet, for making gigantic spicy-hot goals

Now go and ride off into the sunset with yourself, and set those big bad goals up for success!


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