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Afternoon Asana

Setting an intention before a yoga class (or anything for that matter) is a helpful way to really hone in on a certain element of your life, body or practice that you want to improve.

Not sure what you want your intention to be? Think about this:

It is thought that we hold our emotions in certain areas of our body.

The future lives in our shoulders, where we hold a lot of our stress.

The past, however, we hold onto in our hips, as they tighten up and we can’t let go.

For this afternoon asana (an asana is a pose for all you non-yogis out there), the intention could be purely physical: opening up the hips.

Or, maybe for you, the intention could be to breathe through the tightness, and let go of the past that you’re unintentionally carrying around with you.

This pose is fairly simple, and referred to as Lizard Pose, or Uttan Prsthasana in the yogic language of sanskrit.

Check it:

Creepin’ like a reptile

Here’s great directions from Yoga Journal:

Utthan Pristhasana (Lizard Pose)

From Down Dog, step your right foot between your hands to a lunge position. Bring both forearms to the floor inside the right leg. Keep your inner left thigh lifting and resisting. As your left heel reaches back, your heart opens forward to create length in your upper back. You can modify the pose by bringing your back knee down or placing your forearms on a block. Stay for 8 breaths. Switch sides.

So give it a whirl today!

Living in the present is way more fun anyways… Just ask these guys:

These lizards are definitely living in the now with those poses!


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